Gangnam Policeman? It’s for a good cause, honestly!

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“I’m not against the police,” Alfred Hitchcock once said, “I’m just afraid of them.”

In the age of YouTube and Twitter, Hitchcock may not have the same outlook. Today, we see police officers interacting on social media, both in a personal and professional capacity. The occasional funny ‘on the beat tweets’ (I’m starting that as a phrase, by the way), are enjoyed by thousands across the world.

But, none of them could have prepared us for ‘Gangnam Policeman’.

I’m sorry, it is, yet another, version of the most watched YouTube video of all time, Gangnam Style and this time it’s the Old Bill doing the world’s most loved dance.

Falmouth Police officers, led by Twitter-copper Sergeant Gary Watts, took to the streets in full police uniform to throw the same shapes that made PSY famous around the globe.

And why? For the lols? No, actually; get off your high horse. This time, it’s for a good cause.

Half as a forfeit for saying he would, should he raise 1000 new Twitter followers by the end of 2012, and half as  a gesture of charity to good, local causes, Sergeant Watts rallied the troops for a horse-dancing, side-shuffling rodeo-ing good time.

Watts persuaded members of Falmouth Police Department, along with a few members of the public, to show off their dancing skills to raise money for Joshua Wilson, also known as #SuperJosh.

Joshua, 12, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2004 at just over three years old. As a result of the complex surgery, his parents are raising funds for the £25,000 worth of changes to their house to comply with their son’s needs.

Since the release of the video last week, Sergeant Watts and his band of merry PCs have raised over £10,000 – with £8,000 of it coming in just two days and six hours.

So, as you’ve watched the video and enjoyed this blog it would only be right to give any charitable donation to SuperJosh. And remember, next time you see your local PC Plod give him a wink, you know that when he isn’t shooting guns while jumping through the air (Bad Boys, anyone?) he’s busting some moves to his favourite South Korean dance tunes.

You can donate follow Joshua’s journey via Twitter here,  via Facebook here and donate to the cause here


  • amanda_chen

    Dire video. And who wrote this? Get a style guide or something and learn how to use commas.

  • Cole Davis

    Well I didn’t mind it, but then I don’t really think most Gangnam Style imitations actually work. Surely part of the appeal was watching the chubby Korean bloke.

  • aids

    6 months too late, and frankly, just embarrassing.

  • gondorplace

    Simply terrific!

    Good to know that there are some really good and fun souls out there – we should have more news like this one.

  • cloakanddagger

    Definitely dreadful: but if it improves the life of someone then that is fine with me.

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