Nick Griffin uninvited by the Oxford Union

Andy McSmith

griffin 300x225 Nick Griffin uninvited by the Oxford UnionThe Oxford Union looked like it was courting trouble by inviting Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, to speak in a debate about being raised by gay parents. He has been invited once before, provoking an angry demonstration outside the union building, but there is no need to bring out the old placards now. The invitation was apparently sent by a member of the union committee without the President or other committee members being consulted. “We have since rescinded the invitation in no uncertain terms, and are taking disciplinary action against the committee member in question. The Oxford Union does not wish to be associated with the BNP in any way whatsoever,” the union’s press officer, Alex Reut-Hobbs said.

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  • anonymous

    This is disgraceful behavior on the part of the President of the Oxford Union not taking any accountability for the society’s actions. Having previously served on committee these debates are the President’s responsibility in deciding who to invite. I am without doubt that the President knew Mr Griffin had been invited and then subsequently pulled his invitation – otherwise why would it have only just been withdrawn (seen by Mr Griffin’s tweets). The current Presidents are doing a grand job of ruining the Union’s reputation even further!

  • anonymous


  • SpartacusMars

    You’re certainly right the President decides who to invite, but the story alleges an invite went out to NG without he President’s authority.

    Anyway, Oxford University, who are glad to house the the Bullingdon “burn a £50 note in front of a homeless person” Club, so they could hardly have a worse reputation. Flirting with vile populist fascists seems entirely in keeping with the nature and character of the place.

  • RaybanM

    GOOOOOOOOOOOD. I love the educated establishments of the world &
    the Uk is up there amongst the best. As as a human being which also
    happens to adopt “black” as one of my many ways of identifying myself,
    it still AMAZEZ me, how so many weak minded people are taken in by this
    racist crap. Like all black people, I deal with slavery issues that
    come back to manifest EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life…. the issues I have to overcome finding funding,
    getting a mortgage, getting a job, driving a car.. it is nothing short
    of a miracle that still I remain dignified in the face of such
    abhorrent denial of my right to be treated fairly. Many today now get
    it. (I thank you people every hour for your acceptance), but lets be
    absolutely truthful here…. if this was your mother being denied the
    sensibility, she too would write and spit verse to rap in angst. Think
    about that just for a second.. no more. Now understand the dignity and
    stoicism of most (not all), people who choose to identify themselves as
    “Black”. Can you imagine black people sinking boats regarding white
    people fleeing to Africa because of Nuclear fallout? We just couldn’t
    do it. This man is not the person my children should acknowledge. Theres nothing wrong with Lewis Hamilton or similar.. hes one of us…
    black white or even Asian for that matter. Racism is for the
    uneducated or the very old (uneducated). The irony is they will still
    take a lung, heart or liver from a black person to prolong their own
    lives. People like this are written in the books of ALL worlds’ major religions as desperately sad lost people who need redemption. They are even considered illogical by their own kind and type in overwhelming number. I Love white people, blacks and Asians. I love people. I am a respectful human being…. Who are you?

  • patharrington

    I don’t think that inviting a speaker to a debate associates you with their views. Most people understand that in order to have a debate you require people of differing views to participate. Lazy thinking from the Oxford Union.

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