Why Theresa May won’t need to rush to the royal birth

Andy McSmith
theresa may 300x225 Why Theresa May wont need to rush to the royal birth

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The news that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the mother to be formerly known as Kate Middleton, will give birth in July to a child fated to live his or her entire life in the glare of publicity seems like a good pretext for reprinting this excerpt from The Evening Independent (no relation) of 10 November 1948.

“The birth of Princess Elizabeth’s baby, expected this weekend, will be as unceremonious as royalty can manage to make it….King George VI has tried to tone down the event. That was made clear in his unexpected decision to dispense with the ‘archaic custom’ of having the home secretary come to the palace to ‘witness’ the royal birth.

“On this occasion, for the first time since James II became the father of the ‘Old Pretender’ there will be no representative of the people ‘in the proximity’ of the delivery room. It was a popular suspicion that James’s son was not royal, but a changeling smuggled into the palace in a warming pan that started the custom.”

So, one less thing for Theresa May to worry about in July.

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  • Obbs

    Hopefully Britain will have rid this royal nonsense from the constitution by the time this baby is next in line

  • creggancowboy

    You think we won’t have an uprising by July? How sweet!

  • $5856014

    Just as well, if the new royal parasite spotted May’s gurning fizzogg at the exit of the royal birth canal it might decide to stay put.

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