Charity and an Old Etonian

Andy McSmith
jeremy 225x300 Charity and an Old Etonian

Jeremy Lefroy, Tory MP for Stafford

Jeremy Lefroy, Tory MP for Stafford, has suggested a way to increase the government’s tax base in these austere times. The government, he suggested, should legislate to remove the charitable status and “impose other sanctions” on charities which pay senior staff salaries in excess of £100,000. This got a short, sharp riposte from the Cabinet Office minister, Nick Hurd. It is entirely up to a charity’s trustees to decide how much they pay the staff, he said. Nick Hurd is an Old Etonian, not the only Etonian in the government. Eton College has charitable status. Eton College’s headmaster is paid more than £200,000 a year.

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  • a_no_n

    Amen! Most charities these days have dodgy airs about them!
    Most charities in Africa thrive off the ‘poverty tourism’ and have no problem with running the same distressing adverts every single year. They claim the children of Africa are starving and only you can help, but they don’t tell you that mugs like you have been helping for thirty years and not a damn thing has changed, dispite millions upon millions of donations in dozens of currencies, to dozens and dozens of charities…That’s because these charities don’t do much if any useful stuff with the money beyond fund the charity itself…The KONY 2012 lot were a perfect example of what happens with most of these charities when they get money.
    If you’re going to donate, research your charity thoroughly or else you put serious risk into wasting your money!

    Mother Teresa is the ultimate example of this. That crazed sociopath portrayed herself as a self-less healer, but she believed suffering brought you closer to god, and she did her best to make sure everyone who died under her roof died suffering!
    99.9% of the money she recieved to help the sick with went toward her order. The poor and sick were left to rot and die alone (their families weren’t allowed to see them) on stinking cheap cots whilst her and her sisters cleaned up and got very rich!

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