New MySpace goes live, in conjunction with exclusive new Justin Timberlake single

Alex Masters

myspace 225x300 New MySpace goes live, in conjunction with exclusive new Justin Timberlake singleToday, MySpace reopens its doors to the public with a brand new design and reimagined user experience. Incentivised by exclusive access to Justin Timberlake’s new single, Suit & Tie, which is available to stream once you’ve created a new account or signed in with your previous login details. That’s if you can even remember what they are!

MySpace has been beta testing the new design internally for several months. They initially previewed the changes in a video back in September of last year and opened it up to members of the press and public (via invitation) soon after. Facebook is coincidentally holding a major press event later on this afternoon by the way.

The tie-in with Justin Timberlake’s new single is bound to drive considerable traffic back to MySpace. Whether or not these new users will hang around after they’ve heard the track is anyone’s guess, but MySpace’s new interface and fresh design might prove to be a refreshing change from the dull blue hues of Facebook and it’s spam ridden newsfeed.

Facebook is a social network first and foremost, with music discovery bolted on the side and pushed into the newsfeed, thanks mainly to Spotify. The new MySpace, on the other hand, puts the theme of music discovery front and centre. With social networking features used more as tools for artists to contribute to the network, rather than for general users to post status updates and pictures of cats.

It’s quite clear to see that MySpace is sticking with music as the focus of their service. The new design offers greater potential for artists to promote themselves and interact with their online audience, compared to plain Facebook pages and text-centric Twitter feeds. I’d include Google+, but it’s really not particularly musician friendly.

The new MySpace is more like a mix between, Tumblr, Pinterest and the old MySpace experience. If you’re not a huge music fan, then it’ll likely not be of interest to you, but if you’re crazy about music and music discovery, then you’ll likely love the new MySpace to bits!

And if you’re wondering why justin Timberlake is so willing to use MySpace as the platform to launch his latest musical endeavours, it’s because he co-owns the network. In June of 2011, Justin and Specific Media Group jointly purchased MySpace for around $35 million. I imagine he’s more than a little nervous right about now.

You can sign up to the new MySpace here via Facebook, Twitter or the old fashioned way by filling out a signup form. If you have an existing MySpace account you can log in using those credentials too. You can continue using the old MySpace experience if you prefer, but it is unclear as to how long this will be supported.

What do you think of the new MySpace? Do you like the new design, prefer the old one, or do you simply not have the time or interest in maintaining yet another social network?

Let us know in the comments below…

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  • Maryann and Michael

    Love the new myspace. Great way to listen to music and discover new artists….!

  • Sairya

    Best of luck to the (beleaguered) current MySpace team, but really- couldn’t care less about the service being offered.

    Unfashionable, unneeded, unwanted.

  • furryelement

    What gets me the most is the fact that on the front page of my old myspace page I left a message stating “find me on facebook, this space is unusable” which has been removed by myspace !!

    Active and unacceptable censorship.

  • GeorgieBowlocks

    I just can’t quite grasp the point of MySpace; or, for that matter, of Justin Timberlake.

  • Tyler Symes

    I think it would be better if it had built in into it and launched as a new thing.

  • marktharparms

    I wouldn’t mind having a look but the login system keeps telling me date of birth is invalid. Odd, as I’ve been using the same one for 40 years…


    Try switching the month and date, it’s stupid American formatting

  • marktharparms

    I did check that … won’t accept either 17 4 or 4 17! I checked to make sure I was putting the dates in the correct boxes and still keep being told the date is invalid.

  • Patrick Nicholls

    Doesn’t look like competition for Facebook. More Youtube and Spotify.

  • leelee

    I’ve been using it for a few days and I like it. FB is my primary social site, but for music I really like being able to find and connect with new artists and listen to my own mix. I’m glad its still around for music’s sake. I was a big myspace fanwhen FB was exclusive only to college students, I had just graduated. I also love pandora, but still find a reason to want to check out myspace. hope it gets some hits from old fans and new.

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