Lindsay Lohan: Early fame during childhood might lead to a complicated adulthood

Jessica Gane

lohan blogs 225x300 Lindsay Lohan: Early fame during childhood might lead to a complicated adulthoodIt’s been a long journey for Lindsay Lohan since she starred as the twins Hallie and Annie in The Parent Trap in 1998. She was looked at as a promising child star that offered something new with her different looks and relaxed onscreen presence. She had a highpoint in her career when she starred alongside Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls. Since then Lindsay Lohan, who the media have dubbed as LiLo, has experienced a downward spiral.

From May 2007 Lohan has had over 19 encounters with the law, including arrests, domestic disturbance and breaking paroles. She was first arrested for driving under the influence and possession of cocaine, she was caught after getting in a verbal argument with the authority who was chasing her SUV. Most recently, in November 2012, Lohan was arrested for punching a woman outside a New York City night club; she was charged with a third degree assault. She has been sentenced to a total of 250 days in jail and has carried out around 18 days of that. Besides that, she is currently on probation until May 2014 after stealing a necklace from Kamofie in 2011, which she did while on probation from the DUI arrest in 2007.

She has had a continuously tumultuous relationship with her parents Michael and Dina Lohan. Recently.  her mother claimed that “Lindsay saw her dad abuse me – that’s why she’s so messed up,” accusing him of rape. She also reported that he was addicted to cocaine and had “bad stuff going on”. In response, Michael Lohan called the claims “defamatory” and stated that Dina is “bringing this up now because she’s drinking and partying with Lindsay”. These argumentative and controversial statements show the home life that Lindsay Lohan experienced. Even if the claims are untrue, they reveal an uncomfortable home life.

lohan blogs2 300x225 Lindsay Lohan: Early fame during childhood might lead to a complicated adulthoodAlthough these controversial events, Lohan has tried to rebuild her career recently by starring in a range of new movies including Liz and Dick, a TV movie where she portrays Elizabeth Taylor. She attempts to channel the 1950’s icon, but it falls a little flat, as she is too young to play the part and interprets a passive Taylor. In this movie she was attempting her come back, but Elizabeth Taylor proves not to be the part to allow Lohan to put her past behind.

She is also set to appear in The Canyons alongside Porn star James Deen. Following rumours of her behaviour on the set, it was reported that Lohan was a nightmare to work with -she was fired and then re-hired.

Failing to find a role that will bring her back may be due to the fact she never managed to establish herself as an adult actress, unlike Jodie Foster who clearly made the transition in Taxi Driver. Contrary to her Mean Girls co-stars, she didn’t manage to find the ‘right’ next role; McAdams managed to move to The Notebook with Ryan Gosling and Seyfried steered her way into Mamma Mia, and most recently Les Miserables.

Child stars often suffer a crisis and seem to have a form of trouble in their early 20’s, or sometimes even later. Macaulay Culkin and Michael Jackson often attributed their troubles to their famous childhood and Lindsay Lohan looks no different. They suffered from a failure to make an appropriate transfer from child to adult and, in Lohan’s case it seems that her family offers little support. Saying this, will Lindsay Lohan manage to improve her circumstances or is she stuck in her spiral that the scrutiny will not allow her to escape?

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  • Rik Derpy De Lioncourt

    what, you mean the exact scrutiny you’re subjecting her to with this article?


    can somebody dispose of this wretch immediately please.

    Joking, although why does everyone still care? Nice article though.

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    Does anybody edit the writing here?
    Apparently not, with so many typos.
    My eyes hurt!

  • ex-student

    not to mention ending the entire article with a preposition!

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    I think she must be on loan from the Daily Mail. Seriously, someone with this level of literacy should not be writing newspaper articles.

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