“Delightful Universe of Infinite Possibilities”

John Rentoul

supernova 3 300x225 Delightful Universe of Infinite PossibilitiesRobert Harris’s The Ghost is an odious book,* but it does have some good paragraphs in it. I missed this one, but Mark Mason has made good my inattention:

A book unwritten is a delightful universe of infinite possibilities. Set down one word, however, and immediately it becomes earthbound. Set down one sentence and it’s halfway to being just like every other bloody book that’s ever been written.

Harris should have done what Mason suggests and kept this book as a delightful universe of infinite self-hating possibilities.

*Scroll down: the old LiveJournal blog still allows you to read it via tags (these are the “Robert Harris” tagged entries), but links to individual entries are now dead. For those who are interested in the film, some more recent blog posts are here.

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