Is it a bird? A plane? or an ‘UFO’? A mysterious object spotted on the surface of the moon

Jensen Tudtud

If this week has been particularly intense for the news agenda (helicopter crash, horsemeat and HMV closure) well then this video might provide slight distraction. Entitled “UFO video filming on the moon in 2013” the clip, lasting less than a minute, has made its way into national discussion.

Zooming in on the moon’s surface, the video shows two small blurry dots flying across the space that has incited humorous, intelligent and equally ridiculous comments. Of course the topic of discussion is what this object might actually be: a sign of extra-terrestrial life, a trick of the eye or an insignificant piece of space debris? A white dot emerges from the left hand side of the frame travelling at what looks like a constant speed. An apparently faster dot of the same description immediately followed from the same place but, it accelerates and then manoeuvres in an instant towards the bottom right hand side of the screen, leaving behind a trail of light, resembling a vapour trail. This peculiar motion has prompted fanatics to claim this as further proof of other life beyond or within our solar system.

The first questions that ought to be asked are ‘what was the purpose of the video?’ and ‘is the source reliable?’ before analysing the footage. Yet only a few involved commenting on the video considered these and proceeded to either debunk the claims of a vehicle carrying aliens or support it.

It most certainly is, according to definition, an ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ (UFO) but here are the top recurring suggestions of what the UFO could have been:

1. Alien Spaceship

2. Plastic Carrier Bag, as “they get everywhere [these] days” according to ‘Spyke’ from Bulgaria.

3. “Wayne Rooney’s penalty miss from last night” courtesy of ‘Gav’ in Wolverhampton

What do you think?

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  • wgalison

    It’s not the photos that impress me. It’s the corroboration of FAA radar returns with visual sightings, as occurred in Stephensville TX in 2007, and the testimony of Generals. military and civilian pilots, astronauts, scientists, law enforcement and other professionals who have nothing to gain by speaking out, and who have first hand experience.

    Yes, I know Dr. Kaku, and some other other top scientists. My brother Peter is a Professor of Physics and the History of Science at Harvard University. There’s a nice picture of me and Dr. Kaku at NYU:

    About 20 pictures down the page.

    Dr. Kaku told me that he has no question that we are being visited. I’ve also spoken at length to the former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, who lectures on the UFO phenomenon. Hellyer says he had access to the Government documentation on the subject when he was in charge of the entire Canadian military. Google him.

    Have you read astronaut Gordon Cooper’s testimony on the subject?

    The Mercury astronauts were chosen for their intellectual, psychological and physical superiority. They were the most reliable men of their generation; so when Cooper reported seeing UFOs as a fighter pilot BEFORE he went into space, you can be sure that no one at NASA thought he was crazy.

    You imply that I am an unfortunate without a life who needs to believe. If that puts me into the company of astronauts, astronomers, physicists, pilots, military heroes and heads of state who have considered the evidence and share my conclusion, I am proud to be such.

    Let me ask you this: what scientists of Dr. Kaku’s caliber have stated unequivocally that we are NOT being visited?

    No need to answer, I’ll be happy to discuss the subject when you do a little research. Leslie’s book would be a good start.

    I think you wii find yourself on a journey that will open your mind and make your world even more interesting than it is now. Someday you may even thank me


    Best wishes.

  • wgalison

    “I also know there is no credible evidence – yet – for encounters with extraterrestrial beings…” No you don’t. How could you possibly know that?

  • Fennec

    Can’t prove a negative. I can’t disprove that giant pink fairies are running the universe either.

  • Alun Watkins

    How about something much closer to the telescopes’s lens? Tiny speck of dust can easily move at sharp angles given a change in wind etc.

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