Jonathan Ross and an HMV rescue? Just asking makes Ross cross.

Andy McSmith
jonathanross hmv 300x225 Jonathan Ross and an HMV rescue? Just asking makes Ross cross.

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Jonathan Ross, not normally known to be coy, was in no mood to talk when contacted about a rumour that he is interested in a rescue bid for the high street chain, HMV.

“Some people I know are talking about it. I am not directly involved. I can’t say more than that,” he replied.

He began to sound cross when pressed on who these ‘some people’ might be. “I can’t say. Especially not to someone I don’t know who is ringing on my private number,” he said, with heavy emphasis on the last three words.

He added that he could not talk because he was in the middle of watching a film he had to review, but then replied with an emphatic ‘no’ when asked if it would suit him to talk later.

Another question about who ‘some people’ might be produced the sarcastic response: “Is English your first language?”

Neither confirmation, nor a denial.

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  • Sarah Louise Davis

    Well he either knows, and can’t talk about it for good reasons, or he doesn’t, and doesn’t want to get into it, either way, he (like everyone else) deserves his private life.

  • Aisha Clarke

    He was in no mood to talk because he was being pestered on his PRIVATE NUMBER (emphasis is Ross’) by a ‘reporter’ who couldn’t take NO for an answer. Whether you like Ross or not, this lame celebrity baiting is lower than the Indie.

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