Review of Glee ‘Makeover’

Sophie Warnes

glee 3 300x225 Review of Glee MakeoverSPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 3, series 4 of ‘Glee’

Kurt (Chris Colfer) gets an interview for an internship at and starts working there straight away – under the watchful eye of Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker). Sarah Jessica Parker suits this role really well – she is just brilliant at roles involving fashion as fans of Sex And The City will be all too aware. She nails the fashionista part.

What she’s not so good at however is singing. She sings a mash-up of The Way You Look Tonight and You’re Never Fully Dressed with Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt. There have been better guest singers and SJP is clearly not specifically suited to singing – hopefully there will be less singing from her in the coming episodes.

Kurt is having a blast working at, even if Isabelle is somewhat over-sharing and inappropriate within five minutes of him being there (she confides in him “I don’t know what I’m doing!” and “I’m an artist not a manager”). Elsewhere though Blaine is starting to feel a bit neglected. Kurt is so busy in New York with his new life that he hasn’t got any time to see him. These guys are one of the cutest couples on the show so let’s hope they can patch it up in the next episode or two.

Rachel and Brody (Dean Geyer) are getting along really well. She has had a makeover just like Brody said – everyone who comes to New York has a makeover at some point – and he seems pleased that she’s gone from high school dork to sexy college student in a matter of days. They’re spending a lot of time together and they sing the best song of this episode, A Change Would Do You Good.

Back in Ohio and McKinley, there’s a student president election going on – with Brittany (Heather Morris) and Blaine competing for top dog, and Artie (Kevin McHale) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) as their respective running mates. Brittany and Sam both sing Hole’s Celebrity Skin. It’s not really the greatest choice of song – they both lack genuine attitude and swagger to pull it off, and it pales in comparison to the original song. Still, Glee can get away with a couple of not-so-great songs when some of their song choices are hugely impressive – like last week’s mash-up of Crazy and You Drive Me Crazy.

Will (Matthew Morrison) is looking at moving away from McKinley and taking part in a blue ribbon governing panel on arts education. He asks Emma (Jayma Mays) for advice and she says he should go for it – but if he gets the job, how will she cope when he’s away?

Makeover ends on a cliffhanger with Brody and Rachel having a date at her apartment, when Finn (Cory Monteith) – who has been out of the picture so far this season – turns up out of the blue. He sees Brody and realizes it’s a date. Oops! Is it possible he can forgive Rachel? After all, he hasn’t been in touch with her for months on end and she could reasonably assume he was no longer interested in being with her? That confrontation might make for an interesting opener next episode!

This week, the songs weren’t that strong but the plots and storylines are still ticking along nicely – there’s nothing worse than a stale plot! Though it does seem like all of the couples in the show might reach breaking point imminently.

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  • Lewis

    This was more of a synopsis than a review.

  • marineville

    did you really get paid for writing up a primary school “what i did on my holidays” piece? “and then kurt joinned vogue and then rachel cooked a dinner and then will was upset and then blaine said this and then finn……” your editor should give me a ring as i’m up to episode 10. and actually have an opinion. you just looked up wikipedia’s plot synopsis (and didn’t do that very well, either)

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