Michael Winner’s finest hour

Andy McSmith
winner 300x225 Michael Winners finest hour

Michael Winner (Getty Images)

The news today that Michael Winner has died revived interest in the occasion when he appeared as a guest on LWT’s new Friday evening talk show, hosted by Richard Littlejohn. Two lesbians, including the former leader of Lambeth council, Linda Bellos, had been invited on to the same programme to be insulted by the host, who turned to Winner to invite him to say a few words in favour of the traditional nuclear family, and got an answer very different from the one he was expecting. This is how the Independent’s TV critic Ben Thompson reported it at the time:

“To do Littlejohn justice, he did succeed where thousands of others have failed: he managed to engage Michael Winner’s sense of decency. Appalled by the sight of Littlejohn brandishing a test tube, a yoghurt carton and a pathetic eagerness to offend at Linda Bellos and another lesbian mother, Winner exploded, ”I think the lesbians have come over with considerable dignity and you have come over as an arsehole”. For once in his life, he spoke for the nation.”

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