Video: Five tributes to Pong

One of the original gaming forerunners –Atari, today has filed for bankruptcy and plans to sell its logo and video game titles.

A share price drop of 50 per cent has led to the company with problems within its credit facility, which may lead to a red light on the development of new games. The company have stated they’re shifting their attention towards digital games for platforms a like phones and tablets.

The news has understandably hit some gamers harder than others and to mark the loss to the gaming industry and honour the 40-year-old franchise here are five videos Pong-related videos.

Whiteboard Pong:

Only a true gamer would take hours out of the day to film and upload this tribute. There’s no easy way to explain it. To be honest I’m not sure if there are any winners here, just losers.

Test Driving Tabletop Pong:

Ever wondered what the game would be like in real life? Well wonder no more, these two guys have made a version of table top pong. Inspired by pinball and pong they bounce a marble from one side of the table to the other using flippers in an attempt to score.

Angry Pong:

We’ve all had days playing a game we just can’t win. The undeniable rage that builds up inside of you over the fact that you haven’t been able to beat a silly computer at a game for the last 10 minutes, the same rage that makes you question your sanity for wanting to step inside the game and physically crush the computer and win. Well it looks like someone just couldn’t hold in that rage anymore.

Eisenfunk – Pong:

It’s not every day you see a German electronic dance group shuffling to ear drumming music. However over six and a half million have tuned into watch alternative music group Eisefunk’s music video to their song Pong in which you see the group busting a gut pretending to hit an imaginary pong which was later added in with not exactly state of the art software.

Human Pong:

Don’t get me wrong I love to watch a trio of ecstatic Germans pretend to hit an imaginary pong just as much as the next person. But a personal favourite of mine is a YouTube video directed by Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond for a ‘Game Over’ project in 2007 where he created the original human pong game. Crazy, I know, well you just have to see it to believe it.

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