Why we all need a little sunshine in our lives

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Whenever I meet one of our customers, I always ask them why they have chosen to travel to a particular holiday destination. Over the years, the reasons have varied: some people want a complete change of scenery and a bit of peace and quiet, whilst others relish the opportunity to visit a culture they’ve never experienced before. Some travellers may be searching for romance, whereas others want to spend quality time with their loved ones. However, there’s always one reason that everyone agrees on: the need to escape the dreary UK weather for a bit of sunshine!

As British weather appears to get worse, the heavy snowfall along with the plummeting temperatures we saw last weekend is just one example, it’s little wonder that more and more holidaymakers are telling me that they don’t just go on holiday hoping for a bit more sunshine than they’d get in the UK. Recent research conducted by Thomson revealed that 46 per cent of that the weather is an essential factor when choosing their next holiday destination. In fact, a further quarter (26 per cent) say that the weather is now a more important factor than good food or even a good location when deciding upon their holiday destination.

Interestingly, we are so obsessed with the weather that almost half (45 per cent) of us go online daily in the lead up to our holidays to get excited about how warm it will be when we arrive. A trend I completely understand! For me, there is no better way to recharge my batteries than escaping to the sunshine, where I can sit back, relax and take a break from the everyday.

I have been working with Dr Rob Hicks recently in a bid to gain more knowledge about the benefits of sunshine, as I’d like to be able to offer our customers insight and solutions around the lack of it in the UK. According to Dr Hicks, the reason for  our weather obsession is that simple sunshine – and the lack of it – affects many areas of our lives, including our moods, our health, our emotions and our behaviours.

So, when the sun is shining we feel happier, meaning that we tend to get out and about more often, ensuring we spend more time with our friends and family. It’s little wonder then that almost half (48 per cent) of the people surveyed said that bad weather makes them feel sad and depressed, bored or even angry and frustrated when there’s no sunshine.

It seems it’s not just our mental health which benefits from a spot of sunbathing. After working with Dr Hicks, I’ve also learnt that Vitamin D, which is made in the skin in response to sunlight, is also essential to our physical health and well-being. Did you know for example that a lack of Vitamin D have been linked to poor bone health? Whilst there are other sources of Vitamin D, for example egg yolks, cod liver oil tablets, fatty fish and fortified cereals which can all help you get your fix, personally none of them sound quite as fun as a healthy dose of summer sun exposure!

So next time you’re planning on topping up your Vitamin D and Serotonin levels, why not check out our Sunshine Index. It is designed to provide information on the holiday destinations which experience the most hours of sunshine per year, and it will help you ensure you get your sunshine fix, whatever the season.

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