A speech Susie Squire might have missed

Andy McSmith

One advantage to the postponement of David Cameron’s Europe speech is that when he finally delivered it this morning, his press secretary Susie Squire was listening. Had he delivered it in Amsterdam last Friday, she would have missed it, because she was having a hen night.

Ms Squire’s rise through Tory ranks has been rapid. She was working for a think tank a little over four years ago when she was talent spotted by Matthew Elliott, the head of the Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA) pressure group, who appointed her TPA political director. She used to deny that the TPA was a Conservative organisation. However, she went into government after the general election, as one of Iain Duncan Smith’s political advisers. From there she went to be head of press at Conservative headquarters and then into Downing Street.

I hear that the wedding is next month, in South Africa, where her parents live.

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