Fallon, clearing up after the PM

John Rentoul

Michael+Fallon 300x209 Fallon, clearing up after the PMI hear that Michael Fallon, Minister of State at the Business Department, was late to a meeting with London business people this morning. When he turned up, more than an hour after the appointed time, he explained that he had been reassuring inward investors that the Prime Minister’s Europe speech did not mean that the UK was now a risky place to put their money.

He stayed for barely half an hour before returning to his Department to continue the good work of persuading international investors that the referendum is a policy detail and that David Cameron would win it anyway.

No doubt No 10 will be wheeling out more business endorsements of the Prime Minister’s plan shortly, but it would seem that, beneath Cameron’s gliding swan, Fallon at least is paddling furiously to keep the show afloat.

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  • creggancowboy

    Britain is a worse bet than Cuba under Batista and ‘Nam under Thieu, just watch as the helicopters take off from the roofs of Grosvenor Square.

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