A Rifle Range, Just for Peers of the Realm

Andy McSmith

rifle 300x225 A Rifle Range, Just for Peers of the RealmYou can work for years in the House of Parliament and still find out surprising things about the vast building. Lord Tyler, who was a Liberal Democrat MP for 14 years and has been a peer for nearly eight, recently learnt that there is a rifle range somewhere in the bowels of the House of Lords. When he asked how much it cost to run, he was told that the figure was “minimal.”

There is something a little scary about the thought of peers of the realm, whose eyesight may not be as sharp as it was when they were young, 50 or 60 years ago, wandering about in possession of rifles.

No one was answering the phone at the rifle range this afternoon, and it looked as if you could not enter it without setting off an alarm. No one seemed to know who was in charge. “Who is responsible for the security of the rifles and their ammunition?” Lord Tyler asked, on his blog. “Surely selected members are not permitted to wander round the building with them? This is all very unsettling.  If the House authorities are not responsible, who is?”

  • creggancowboy

    Chief of the Clan Matheson wanders around with a claymore one hears.

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