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Errol Anderson

touching bass 293x300 Touching Bass: YoungstarBack when grime was still called sublow and beats were still made with polyphonic devices, Playstations and any other voltaic utensil, Youngstar was an eight bar rhythm champion. Ten years on, the genre is still arguably pulsating and he’s still about to celebrate his classic cut ‘Pulse X’ hitting a decade. We caught up to chat about Dizzie Rascal, the genre in the US and grimy classics.

Also, check out the Touching Bass mix series, which continues alongside all features via Mixcloud.

Do you remember where you were when you came up with the idea for Pulse X?

In the living room. I used to make loads of beats on the PC and just save them but not use them. About a year later we had a studio built in the garden garage, in there; that is where the eight bar idea came up for Pulse X.

The reaction to the whole project was amazing and it’s safely there amongst the grime classics. What do you think made it so popular?

It was the way it sounded in clubs, the bass is just different. You can still play it and people will go crazy, it was a track you can mix with any other track at that tempo and it will sound good if you know how. So it’s easy to mix, and it’s also a favorite for most MCs.

Which other tracks are your favourite grime hits and why?

I would say my most favorite tracks are those that I have produced. I usually mix together my own tracks like The Formula, Bongo and Revival. These tracks are simple with a lot of energy in the bass line.

How did the link up with Dizzee occur for Stand Up Tall?

Dizzee contacted me through an A&R (DJ Semtex). I met up with Dizzee and I drove him around East London listening to my beats, we went to his studio and started recording Stand Up Tall. Dizzee knew about my beats before this time as he used to MC on radio and in clubs to them.

Ten years have flown by, but what’s your opinion on the standing of grime in 2012?

I still look out for the best grime tunes out there to play; it still has its own unique sound, which is good. I hope the sound can continue to grow.

There’s always the question of whether it will ever break into the US. But is there also an argument that grime heads want it to stay here?

It will be good for it to grow in the US and in other countries as long as the producers, MCs and other people who were involved from the start can still benefit from it and keep getting recognition. But if it stays here then it’s our own sound.

Finally, what kind of stuff are you working on at the moment and what can people look forward to from yourself?

Mostly beats but also I am working on remixes for producers, MCs and vocalists, I still use the eight bar formula and my original sounds to produce beats which you can check out on my website alongside any new releases.

Youngstar and his Pulse X Remixes release is available now on 12”/digital download via Liminal Sounds with remixes from Visionist, Blackwax, Slackk, Pedro 123 and Elsewhere. You can listen to the last mix from Rudimental on the Touching Bass Mixcloud page

Touching Bass: Youngstar by The Independent: Touching Bass on Mixcloud

Download the ‘Touching Bass: Youngstar’ mix here

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