Is this the most inane interview in the history of football?

In the past few years, footballers and Twitter have often come together with controversial results.

From Ashley Cole’s infamous sweary swipe at the FA to the endless rantings of self-styled Twitter- aesthete Joey Barton, at some point or other players from most of the nation’s favourite teams have whipped up a frenzy in 140 characters or less.

Admittedly every ill-advised broadcast has been interspersed with a fair amount of talk about playing FIFA or going to Nandos but at least it could be argued that that provided the public with an insight into the strange world of their multi-millionaire idols – not something that could be said about today’s ‘#askgaston’ question and answer session with Southampton’s Uruguayan star Gaston Ramirez.

Was this the most inane interview in the history of football? While it would certainly seem pretty difficult to beat, here are some of the tweets so you can make your own mind up…

tweets Is this the most inane interview in the history of football?

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  • disqus_F42m9Ppx3k

    Certainly not journalsim of any kind. Total waste of bandwidth.

  • joseph papes

    I thought it was quite funny, stop whineing everybody, if you want real news go read the guardian

  • Ted

    I like to read the Independent on-line and I sometimes read the comments beneath the main article. Sometime I may offer a few pearls of wisdom. Sometimes I may not.

  • Tommytomtom

    But the exclamation marks at the end of each response spice it up no end, no? No …..?

  • realistAFC

    and the award for most vague person ever

  • Nath Stafford-King

    Selective and sloppy journalism, to give a biased opinion of something. Bit Daily Mail-esque, but let’s not go into that. As a Saints fan, I was part of the twitter interview at the time, and it was actually fantastic; made a pleasant change for the fans to do the interviewing and not some arsehole presenter who thinks he knows it all. That, and Gaston gave some really insightful answers, which you clearly avoided posting up for the sake of a self-opinionated article. Then I hope everyone on here is not to trust the opinion of any journalist, it’s online and free to be viewed by anyone who wants to develop their own opinion or is interested.

  • Tom Brodrick

    Why do people feel compelled to be smart-arses about the article itself? It tells you in the title that the content is going to be staggeringly dull – the “interview” is indeed so boring as to actually be quite funny. Go and have a lie down or something if this winds you up

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