Outing famous Russian gays

Andy McSmith

On the day the Russian Duma has voted to ban “gay propaganda” someone has rather bravely put up a post (in Russian) naming seven famous Russian gays. They are Tchaikovsky, Gogol, the poet Marina Tsvetayeva, (I wonder about her: she was married with a daughter), Diagilev, Eisenstein, Nureyev, and the pianist Naum Shtarkman.

This subject is so rarely talked about in Russia that they even haven’t got their own word for it. If you look at the post you will see that “гомосексуал” crops up repeatedly, with Russian word endings. That is simply our own word ‘homosexual’ transliterated into Cyrillic

  • creggancowboy

    Lose a million housepoints Andy, the Russian for gay is “goluboi” (blue) just as you say “Pink” for the pink pound here. Remind us, who is Yevgeni’s girlfriend? Thin iceski?

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