A “watermelon” Green

Andy McSmith

The Green Party is said to be made up of two political types. Some are environmentalists who have turned to politics – the ‘avocadoes’, green through and through; some are libertarian socialists who in a previous decade might have been in one of the marxist organisations – ‘watermelons’, green on the outside, red on the inside.

Today’s Morning Star carries a long think piece by Derek Wall, international co-ordinator of the Green Party, which warns: “Greens have a long way to go to transform British society and the danger of losing our radicalism must never be ignored. To guard against this, I feel a Marxist analysis is essential…” Definitely a watermelon.

  • joeplace

    I don’t think i’m either, i think i’m a stand alone “liberal” voter for the greens, simply as they are the only party to now stand up for civil liberties as well and be libertarian at all, the liberal democrats certainly aren’t (and no UKIP are only libertarian if you’re a rich English christian white man essentially)

  • Jane Ennis

    I gather that the term WATERMELON was originally intended as an insult, but we’ve adopted it proudly – I am very proud indeed to be associated with colleagues like Derek!!!

  • derekwall

    Now the other thinker who provides me with some analysis and inspiration is….well try the video….

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