Del Boy remembers Brown – sort of

Andy McSmith

Sir David Jason, the actor best known as Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses, was reminiscing at the London Diarists’ Lunch today about the occasion when he was invited to Chequers. His enduring memory was how surly George Brown was, although he appreciated the tour given by Mrs Brown. George Brown – readers of a certain age will recall – was Deputy Prime Minister under Harold Wilson. But why was that old grump hosting a party in Chequers, I asked. For a moment, Sir David looked nonplussed. “No, I don’t mean him, I mean the other one – Gordon Brown. Gawd, shows what an impression he made on me!” he exclaimed.

  • Eric Bowyer-Wilson

    Is that all. Is this a tweet gone wrong?

  • Ian Wingrove

    The simple fact is Gordon Brown is not a nice man

  • SilentHunter

    Gordon who?

  • Laars

    Indeed. But I’m almost tempted to click on his other story with the title “You can’t run HS2 through a tunnel – remember Algeria, says a Tory councillor” which ma be the most surreal idea in a long time…

  • FlashFellow


  • Eric Bowyer-Wilson

    This could be code for Cameron discussing border security with Algeria.

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