Interview with Dutch dance duo Bingo Players

Chris Mckay

BINGO PLAYERS 1 300x225 Interview with Dutch dance duo Bingo PlayersThey may take their name from people who play my nan’s favourite game but for Dutch duo Bingo Players that’s where the similarities end. Try and ask them what ‘Kelly’s eye’ or ‘Two fat ladies’ mean and they’ll look bemused, yet ask them about electronic dance music in America or how they produce a track together and you won’t be able to shut them up.

As their latest track ‘Rattle (Get up)’ reaches number one in the UK singles chart, I caught up with Maarten Hoogstraten and Paul Baumer, who make up Bingo Players, to find out a little more about the double act.

How did Bingo Players form?

I was leaving a bar one night and noticed my coat was missing. When I looked across the room Maarten (I didn’t know his name was Maarten at the time) was wearing my jacket. I thought he was trying to steal it at first and then we both realised we had (and worn) the same jacket that night. We got talking and realised we both really liked dance music then started talking about producing and the rest is history.

How did you get into electronic dance music?

Growing up in the Netherlands, dance music was heard on the radio and in our culture a lot more than in other countries during that same time period so we were both familiar with dance music. What made us obsessed with house music was the first time we listened to Daft Punk, it was like nothing else we had ever heard. From that moment onward we knew what we wanted to do with our lives. It just took us a few years to get there!

With two people behind the decks and in the studio, do you find you influence each other?

We definitely influence each other’s style. We are together almost 200 days a year performing so it’s only natural. Being around any person that much will expose one to things they hadn’t seen or heard before. We both have very different backgrounds, musically, but there is a lot that overlaps and where we find common ground.

Why do you think people like your music?

It’s hard to say! We hope that people like our tracks because they are a bit different. We spend a lot of time making each record as close to perfect as possible before releasing it. We create, test, remove, create some more and finally we end up with our final product. We have to thank our fans for all of their hard core support!

You briefly mentioned the production process there, can you expand on that slightly?

The production process, for us, starts with a basic idea that one of us will come up with, although sometimes we both might have similar ideas. Once we have that, we begin adding onto that it, layering tracks, playing around with different synths or plug-ins until we feel like we have the base of the record set.

After we do that we continue to listen to the record and tweak it until we feel it is ready to be played out live. We’ll then take the song and tease it in our sets or test the entire version in clubs to see how the crowd responds. After the gigs we usually talk about how we can make each part better and repeat this ‘test’ process, continually editing the track, until we feel it is ready to be released. The whole process can take a month or several months which is why we always say to aspiring producers take your time and make sure you’re happy with what you’ve got.

This year has been crazy for you, where have you played and what’s been your favourite gig to play?

Yes, this year was crazy and it’s only just started. Last year we played all over the world. Each city and each gig has its own charm and its own uniqueness. We love playing in America and we love playing in Europe, they are all such different experiences.

Some of the highlight gigs of 2012 were EDC Vegas, we played the Super You And Me stage dressed up as the rock band KISS. We had full KISS make up on, wigs, all of it. The make up wasn’t fun to take off but the gig was for sure!

You mentioned America, some artists are saying it could become the ‘dance capital’ of the world, do you agree?

Americans are really embracing dance music these days. We don’t know if it is the dance capital but we can say that our fans in America go hard at our shows. Some of the craziest gigs we have done have been in America. The crowds are young and full of energy! In Europe, dance music has been popular for a long time, it is pretty exciting to see all of these kids in America discovering dance music with a whole fresh take on it.

Similarly, there’s a number of people saying 2013 could be the year of the ‘Deep House/Tech House’ reign – what do you think of that?

As dance music grows around the world, people will begin to experience and become fans of sub-genres of dance music that they had been unaware of previously. We will have to wait and see which genre that may be!

What can we look forward to in 2013 from you guys?

This year is all about releasing new music. We have a bunch of new tracks that we will be releasing in 2013! We will continue to do our HYSTERIA RADIO podcast that fans can download for free in the Tunes store. We can’t give too much away though but just say our fans can look forward to a fresh new live set up in 2013.

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