New Labour, the opposite of social democracy?

John Rentoul

cruddas 617871a 300x204 New Labour, the opposite of social democracy?I wonder if Jon Cruddas, policy supremo for Ed Miliband, still believes this, er, wordage from five years ago:

After years in opposition and with the political and economic dominance of neoliberalism, new Labour essentially raised the white flag and inverted the principle of social democracy. Society was no longer to be master of the market, but its servant. Labour was to offer a more humane version of Thatcherism, in that the state would be actively used to help people survive as individuals in the global economy – but economic interests would always call all the shots. Once the Blair government took power, the essentials of its approach became clear: from the commercialisation of public services to flexible labour markets, on through soaring executive pay and on in turn to party funding, big business and the politics of the market had taken pole position.

Via Blair Supporter.

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  • creggancowboy

    Didn’t Blair lay the foundations for a police state? Always easier to build than to dismantle.

  • Guest

    Exactly the same question on my mind.

  • jerusalem_world_center

    inverted the principle of social democracy?

  • creggancowboy

    John Rentoul has never addressed the lousy record of Blair/Brown on civil liberties in Britain.

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