Barking Blondes: Jessie J, choosing puppies and green tripe

Joanne Good and Anna Webb

jessie 300x225 Barking Blondes: Jessie J, choosing puppies and green tripeJessie J came on to our radio show this week to talk about her commitment to Red Nose Day on March 15. She will be raising money live on TV on the night. Her luscious locks will be shaved in front of millions.

Our obvious pleasure at meeting her was increased by the sight of a mischievous puppy, peeping out of her designer hand bag. She is the proud owner of a 12-week old French bulldog, called Jackson. Its little head with huge bat ears was peering at us like a miniature Yoda.

The BBC Radio 2 studios are immaculate and Elton John’s piano in reception is quite rightly covered with a cashmere blanket. So to see a tiny puppy trotting up and down and frolicking about the seating area was a joy to us but raised a few BBC eyebrows. Jackson, however,  behaved beautifully. Having already attended puppy classes, he “sits” on command and listens for instructions.

We both have bullbreeds and they are often bull headed, so we envied Jessie such an easy to train pup and complimented her choice from the litter. She chose the smallest. Many of us, when choosing a puppy are often won over by the healthiest-looking, larger extrovert dog. It’s often the case that it can sometimes be the more introvert, quieter pup that wins in obedience.

We are often flattered by the puppy that apparently “chooses” us. But a confident puppy will run to anyone to seek attention. The calmer, less full on  youngster is often more self-contained and easier in the log run, to train. We have written before about what a gift it is for an interviewer if the guest has a dog. The predictable endless question and answers are swept aside at the opportunity to enthuse over a four legged friend.

Like many other celebrities, Jessie J’s eyes lit up at the mention of Jackson. Unfortunately, with both of us being sticklers for healthy diets in dogs, there was no escape for this gutsy singer song writer as we then talked at her about the benefits of a raw green tripe. This sermon extended well over our allotted time but we don’t think it was down to politeness she seemed so engrossed.

“Just a minute,” said Jessie in her forthright fashion, “What is it? What is green tripe?”

All the engineers and producers stood gripped. Well for all of you this is what we pedantically forced Jessie to digest:

Green tripe is simply the natural raw contents of a cow’s stomach, or other cloven hooved animals, like a sheep or a deer. It contains the exactly right balance of omegas, probiotics, minerals and protein that a dog needs to eat. It’s low in phosphorous, so much better for dogs’ kidneys unlike lots of red meat or dry food. The acids in its naturally slippery texture clean dogs teeth, unlike dry food that gets stuck in the teeth and rots them. Low in fat and very cheap to buy; so all in all a staple diet that dogs love. Does it smell? Yes it stinks but only when thawed – that’s what makes them gobble it up so quickly. And ironically your dog will lose that ‘eau de dog’ and be much healthier.

Advisable not to eat off the same plate though. Anna’s not in this pic, she was brushing her own locks, I wish Jo had thought to do the same. Good luck Jess on the night.

If you want to find out more then go to

‘Barking at the Moon’ is on every Thursday from 3-4pm on BBC London 94.9fm

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  • madgooner1

    Is the puppy named after Michael or Joe?

  • Sharon Webley

    The best bit of your show was Peter Egan talking so emotionally about the plight of the Moon Bears in China. His emotion moved me to tears. Let’s hope this vile trade is soon stopped.

  • MrReasons2BCheerful

    Or could the puppy perhaps be named after Millie? I listened to the interview and was struck by how well-grounded Jessie J was. Not yer usual celeb…!

  • Peter Egan

    Hi Jo’, Anna, Matilda and Molly,
    I miss seeing M&M in the studio. Just wanted to thank you both for giving me time on your show last Thursday to speak about the moon bears. If I may I’ll just leave details of the charity it’s or follow Jill Robinson on twitter @moonbearjill or me @Peteregan6 They are a sensational charity and I can’t wait to hear you talking to Jill when she’s on your show in March. Great blog as ever and huge admiration and thanks to you both and of course the M&M’s.

    Love and Woofs

    Peter (-:)

  • Peter Egan

    Hi Jo’, Anna, Matilda and Molly,
    This message may come up twice. I posted just now but it seemed to disappear so apologies if I repeat myself. Just wanted to thank you for giving me the time on your show last Thursday to speak about the moon bears. The charity is I know Jill Robinson, the founder of the charity is coming on your show in March. I can’t wait for you to meet her she is amazing and does great work in China.
    Love your blog as always. I miss seeing M&M in the studio.

    Love and woofs

    Peter (-:)

  • Ziggydog

    Hope Jackson gets to try some tripe – he will love it. Wish Jesse J well for Red Nose Day!

  • Martin_Kinsella

    What on earth is this luvvie nonsense. This is like a Daily Mail article.

  • Peter Egan

    Hi Jo’, Anna, Matilda and Molly,
    I miss seeing M&M in the studio. However it was terrific to see both of you and thank you for giving me time to talk about the moon bears. I wrote two replies to this blog yesterday, but your cyber editor clearly didn’t want to post them. Great blog as ever and I look forward to March when Jill Robinson will be talking about the amazing sanctuary in Chengdu.
    Love and woofs to all, especially the absent M&M’s
    Peter (-:)

  • Somerset2

    I’m sure my Grandad used to eat Tripe & Onions? He was very healthy! Great blog as always ladies.

  • marcbletchley

    evening jo and anna
    as i saw earlier from steve we ate tripe and onions not sure if it was green!! LOL
    enjoyable reading.
    woof woof from bletchley towers

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