What makes the perfect home?

Alex Johnson

f748c2435d0ebe6df4d52f715287ad64c1a17af5 300x198 What makes the perfect home?The ideal home is just two miles from a supermarket, 10 miles from the sea and within walking distance of a pub where in Cheers tradition the landlord knows your name. According to the research with 2,000 homeowners from Banner Homes, it would also have good neighbours on both sides, be within five miles of the countryside and a newsagent, and contain at least two televisions (ideal screen size 37 inches).

To make it perfect, it would also have off-road parking, a spare room and an en-suite bathroom as well as well as a nicely maintained lawn and fast internet access.

“Community spirit and a close bond between neighbours is arguably a little harder to come by these days,” said Banner Homes spokesman Piers Banfield, “but the study proves it’s something we still view as integral to being happy with where we live.”
Unfortunately, six out of 10 people polled don’t feel they are a part of their local community, and for these the biggest barrier was not knowing many people near them. Half were convinced there was no community spirit in their local area. Indeed, the average adult attends just two events in the local community each year.

More than a tenth of respondents said they didn’t feel able to trust a single one of their neighbours.

The research also showed that one in three people are convinced that having pets is crucial to a happy home life. Two is the ideal number and dogs are preferred to cats.

”People are very realistic when it comes to the small things that make them happy at home and the formula for achieving this is hopefully quite attainable for most,” said Banfield. “Features like a nice dinner table were also ranked highly, proving that the ability to sit down together in our homes as a family is something that’s still very valued among increasingly hectic lifestyles.”

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  • Phyls rod

    My home is one mile from the grocery store, 17 miles from the ocean, and the friendly pub is across the street, my land lady knows my name and the weather is a constant 78 degrees year round!

  • Phyls rod

    Forget to name my town….brownsville texas

  • natly

    For those of us who are priced out of the market, it is a dream just to be able to live somewhere that you can decorate, have pets and not have to let someone in to inspect every 3-6 months. But clearly no one is asking us.

  • kawasakiman

    “What makes the perfect home?”

    …A happy family living there.

  • a_no_n

    Hooray ANOTHER press release dressed up as news.
    This ‘article’ is a press release from banner homes that has been copy/pasted.

    apparently the property section of this newspaper isn’t an analysis of the market, it’s a billboard.

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