A new role for Labour’s old master spinner

Andy McSmith
mandelson 300x225 A new role for Labours old master spinner

Peter Mandelson (Getty Images)

What contemporary British politics lacks is Peter Mandelson. There was a time when there did not seem to be a corner of government anywhere that did not feel the influence of the great Labour spinmeister, but nowadays we hardly hear from him at all. During 2012, he confined himself to making just three speeches in the House of Lords. But old friends remember him. Hull city council has just received permission from the Queen to revive the ancient title of High Steward of Hull, created in 1583 but abolished in 1974. It is unpaid, but has an important sound to it, and Alan Johnson, one of Hull’s Labour MPs, remembered that Mandelson’s grandfather, Herbert Morrison, once held the title and suggested that Lord Mandelson should follow in his foot steps. The Hull Daily Mail reports that official confirmation of his appointment is expected soon.

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