Joke thief alert – Richard III

Andy McSmith

“Verdict on Richard III’s remains-trauma to skull, bent back. Atos confirms he is fit for work” – Twitter comment by Labour MP Paul Flynn, on Sunday.

“Can the Prime Minister confirm that Atos has declared Richard III fit for work?” Labour MP Mike McCann at Prime Minister’s Questions today.

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  • ant-360

    A particulary long and engaging article

  • Dan

    What ????????????????

  • Junius

    Brevity is the soul of wit.

    Sadly, Hamlet rather than Richard III.

  • bill_a_bob

    Some of your best reporting to date. Short, concise and to the poi

  • Margarine ThatchedCottage

    So what if it’s not original? He was expressing a true joke of the people in Parliament of Liars, as an MP of the people should. Good work Mike McCann! ATOS KILLS!

  • Ken Standing

    It wasn’t The Comedy Store ….. he was using the unoriginal joke to make a political point, though he could have mentioned it was doing the rounds. It’s hollow humour for those suffering injustice from Atos.

  • maias

    And would our Government today allow our military to be led into war by a similarly disabled soldier? Richard III would be considered not fit for service and unceremoniously dumped.

  • Chris Mastry

    So that was Baldricks cunning plan! ;o)

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