Jon Snow’s mother made salted custard

Andy McSmith

The trade magazine ‘Waitrose Kitchen’ reports a “horrendous” story about Jon Snow’s mother. Once, 60 years ago, she mistook salt for sugar and fed her five year old son salted banana custard, which was so awful that he can remember the taste even now.

For the avoidance of confusion, this is story is about the mother of the presenter of Channel 4 News, told by the man himself and has nothing to do with Jon Snow, hero of the fantasy epic A Game of Thrones. Nobody knows who his mother is.

  • Junius

    Blimey, another Andy McSmith scoop. Hold the front page!

    But if one can put salt on porridge, why not custard? It is a matter of acquired taste, after all. Anything to mask the awful flavour of banana, I would have thought. Mrs Snow might have persevered and started a gastronomic trend.

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