Where are the best places to rent in South East London?

Alex Johnson

04417691ff32347b559843e939866e2bec68db87 300x225 Where are the best places to rent in South East London?The excellent Rentonomy blog has taken a look at the best places to rent in South East London. You can find the whole league table at their site here but the top five according to their list of variables (including choice of shops, number of bars and pubs, school rankings, rent levels and travel time to central London) were:

New Cross
West Norwood

If you’ve not visited the blog before it’s well worth a browse as they have various widgets and tracking tools to help you work out where to rent and how much you should pay for certain types of property. When you use the widget, they also ask you to say what you are paying or being asked to pay to keep the information accurate and up to date.

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