A Tory with no ear for double entendre

Andy McSmith

In Hexham, Northumberland, a senior Tory councillor named Matty Donnely has told The Journal that he is resigning from the party in disgust over the vote in favour of gay marriage, after a tense meeting with the local MP, Guy Opperman, who supported the measure. But the departing councillor gives the MP credit that in their conversation “he was open and gave straight answers”.

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  • Junius

    Interestingly, the Tory candidate for Eastleigh is against gay marriage and in favour of exiting the EU, the sort of traditional Tory the anti-Dave crowd reckoned could nevermore be adopted by a constituency association. At this early stage, the by-election does seem a two-horse race, UKIP’s Henry V having declined the opportunity to go once more into the breach, dear friends, and Labour set to adopt a comedian from London. As if there were not already enough comedians in the Commons. One has in mind the chap who, after the last general election, left a note for his successor at the Treasury, gaily acknowledging there was no money left. As jokes go, that was a cracker.

    Less amusing was the fact that said joker trousered a twenty grand severance payment.

  • Spud Sox

    He will then join pink Labour and retire to a cottage.

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