So Susie Boniface is ‘Fleet Street Fox’: what a surprise

Andy McSmith

In a blaze of publicity, one of Britain’s most widely-read anonymous bloggers, Fleet Street Fox, has identified herself as the former Sunday Mirror journalist Susie Boniface. The point of this self-outing is to assist sales of a book that is coming out next week. It was not a huge revelation to others in the industry. Boniface was named on Twitter during a spectacular falling out with Jemima Khan, who called her a “vile anonymous troll”. In May 2012, The Independent’s media editor Ian Burrell knocked down some hype from her publishers, who claimed that she was having to write her book anonymously because to be identified would cost her job, by pointing out that “Susie Boniface has been outed several times.” Nor did she need to worry about her job, because she had just taken redundancy.

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