The Day of Reckoning approaches

John Rentoul

370px Stefan Lochner 006 300x218 The Day of Reckoning approachesIf I had opposed the Iraq war, I would be really alarmed by now by the extent to which the conspiracy theorists have taken over my side of the argument.

You need only mention Iraq on Twitter to get the full Iraqocaust, million died,* war criminal psychorama which is gearing up for the 10th anniversary of the invasion.

Iraq Inquiry Digest, for example, which used to be a website with an anti-war point of view that scrupulously collated information about the Chilcot inquiry, is now linking to a film timed to coincide with the anniversary that seems to be made by a 9/11 conspiracy crank. Called Iraq: War, Lies and Video, it is made by François Bringer, who has written a book called 11 September: Whistle-Blowers, ces agents qu’on a fait taire. My French isn’t great, but I don’t think that translates as “sensible” in any language.

These people are like a cult: they believe in the coming Rapture. The Hague is the New Jerusalem and one of its courts (I don’t think they know the difference between the ICC and the ICJ) the Last Judgement. One of them said to me on Twitter: “Those defending Blair & his neocon agenda of greed will have their day of reckoning soon.”

*Mind you, you sometimes get that in respectable newspapers too (on that point see here, and for a full response see here).

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  • Sean Lynch

    I suppose it helps you feel more certain of your view if you label everyone who disagrees with you as a nutter, good luck with that.

  • SpartacusMars

    Don’t be obtuse.

  • reformist lickspittle

    I disagree with JR on most things – Iraq included.

    The war was worse than a crime, it was a mistake (as somebody once said)

    That does not alter the fact that the “anti-war” side (who are all too frequently misnamed – many actually fervently desire the triumph of our most avowed enemies) have not served their cause well. Cranky conspiracy theories, often overt bigotry (not least anti-semitism) and a general contempt for the mass of humanity – not least the long suffering people of Iraq – is, sadly, all too much in evidence.

    Two million people marched 10 years ago this week. Within just a few years, the numbers had dwindled to a few thousand. Says it all.

  • Kippers

    If I were Tony Blair I would be really alarmed by being defended by someone who writes things like “the wheezing traction engine of Blair hatred”.

  • porkfright

    So now the Iraq war is over and its sad proponents have tried to hide it under a billion tonnes of silver sand because it was a pointless and expensive disaster, we have a war on those nutters the “Conspiracy Theorists”.( Btw, “Iraqocaust”-copyright Porkfright, maybe). Everybody knows they don’t have a university degree between them, let alone two each, they all wear hats made of bacofoil, wear scruffy combat gear and live as squatters because they don’t have a penny to their name. Probably benefit cheats into the bargain. Well, if you are one who believes such convenient mainstream fictional rubbish, bring it on, I say. Anyone seen any sign of a missing Iraq Inquiry? Thought not. We wait in not much hope.

  • porkfright

    A post long on polemic and very short on evidence, I’d say.

  • StarDasher

    Have you tried Norman Geras on this subject? Oh, you have.

  • porkfright

    One of my very favourite sources……

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