One Dave Cameron portrait is worth over 100,000 Ed Mili photos

Andy McSmith

Ed Miliband’s best line at Prime Minister’s Questions was to mock David Cameron over the fact that his picture was auctioned at a Tory party for £100,000, after which Cameron claimed that the Tories are “no longer the party of privilege.” Meanwhile, on eBay, two signed photographs of Ed Mili are for sale, one going for 99p, the other for £5.06. Maybe he’s jealous that Dave’s mug fetched such a better price.

  • lochaber1

    “It isn’t some kind of show to entertain idiots.”
    Just how wrong can you be?

  • Ben

    Is it any wonder PMQs is often described as having a cult audience…

    …for all the wrong reasons? :)

    DC hasn’t exactly been doing a very good job of ending “Punch and Judy politics” (assuming the typical behaviour of the stereotypical naughty schoolboys and schoolgirls in the chamber is what he was referring to) – then again, he hasn’t exactly been doing a very good job of running the country.

    The Tories often accused the previous PM of lurching from crisis to crisis without much in the way of a clear plan of action – the coalition seems to have been bitten from the same curse (except their standard response to every gloomy economic portrait is one of: “There is no Plan B” / “It’s all Labour’s fault!” / “We’ve got no alternative!”)

  • John Watt

    This is journalism? Awful.

  • First L

    No, he just has an annoying nasal whine about how unfair life is.

  • tomkyle

    Uh huh. What has Cameron done to ” better the country”? The imminent triple dip? The expansion of wealth disparity, with the tax avoiding richest getting a tax cut while an increasing number of the middle class become eligible for higher taxes? Or maybe you are impressed with the government’s dealing with the thieving banks and Libor rigging criminality? I await your response with interest- would really like to know how the government has bettered the country. Ah, it could be that it is borrowing far more than Labour ever did because it has been so focused on austerity measures that it has neglected to stimulate growth and jobs with the consequent demand the economy needs. Could it be the top down reform of the NHS ( that Dave promised would not happen) and the waste of money while the front line services were cut and waiting times are once again rising- after the dramatic drop under Labour. Then there’s the continuation of the PFI which is costing us zillions and will be passed down to future generations. I could go on and on. Tell me some good news, Joshua.

  • Joshua Goucher

    Ahh the socialist propaganda runs deep within your veins… Why do half the country think the government owe them something and that they’re poor simply because other people are rich. The tories are slashing the size of the monumental Chairman Mao sized government they inherited from the red comrades of Labour that decided to use the country’s credit card on useless bureaucracy and welfare that eliminated the incentive to work. Labour are the party that promise free stuff and ruin the country in the process then blame it on the ’selfish’ capitalists. It is like talking to a brick wall when conversing with you lefties, so I’m not going to waste my breathe on the people who loaded to gun and shot the bullet on the UK economy. Good day to you, I’m off to shoot some pheasants!

  • microrossi

    it was bought by the grateful bankers of Osbournes Court .

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