How much would you spend on your loved one this Valentine’s Day?

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How much would you spend on your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Would a box of chocolates and flowers suffice? Or would you buy something for expensive to mark the special day?

Normally it can become a mad last-minute scramble to the nearest shops. But now it seems people are putting more thought into their gifts and are buying more lavish presents for their loved ones.

A new poll revealed suggests that couples are using their hard-earned cash to buy their partners presents which ooze luxury and class while gifts such as chocolates and flowers aren’t as high on people’s wish lists.

While traditional gifts like these may have been a firm favourite a few years ago, a new poll showed partners are embracing technology and splashing out on the latest gadgets for their loved one.

Would you splash out on a new iPad for your partner? The UK discount website, polled 2,073 Britons in relationships and the iconic Apple tablet came in in top position as the favoured gift of choice for Valentine’s Day. The participants were asked what they had asked their partner to get them as a Valentine’s gift and what their partner had asked them for this year.

Of the majority of people who said they wanted an iPad, 46 per cent said they agreed a budget for their partner, while 32 per cent said they would be buying something of equal value for their partner. With the newest model iPad with retina display setting you back at prices starting from £399 and going up to £739 – and that’s before even thinking about buying all the fancy accessories to go with it – it seems partners are placing more importance on the day. It’s becoming a bigger deal with every year that passes, and people’s gift choices show they’re prepared to pay the price to make their loved ones happy. Around 17 per cent of people who chose the iPad as their desired present said splashing out on an expensive gift would give their partner a chance to show how much they care.

Lingerie was a popular choice and came second in the poll at 58 per cent. Technology and new gadgets continued to dominate the top 10 poll tough. A camera came in fifth position with 47 per cent. A new phone was also listed with 41 per cent of people wanting one and 29 per cent asking for a laptop.

Interestingly, the romantic gestures such as chocolates came in last with only 27 per cent wanting that as their gift. Tom Packer, founder of said: “Whilst it was quite surprising to see so many tech items topping the list, I can’t say I was too shocked! In a day and age when we’re so dependent on technology, it would be strange if a list of present requests didn’t have any tech items on it.”

He added people should remember Valentine’s Day isn’t as big an occasion as a birthday or Christmas so people should make reasonable present requests.

He explained: “It’s not fair to ask your partner of three months to fork out for an iPad when 20 years ago, a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates would have been considered more than enough”.

Gift ideas such as jewellery, a day out, a romantic meal and flowers also appeared within the top 10 items on people’s wish lists. Around a quarter of people said they thought the day was very important, 37 per cent said they were indifferent about it and a fifth confessed they only celebrated the day so they could get gifts.

So perhaps buying an iPad is worth it if you’re not strapped for cash, but the results show that traditional gifts are still in the top 10 – but people’s expectations are changing as technology becomes more prominent and advanced each year.

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