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hal 300x220 Review of Being Human Pie and Prejudice

Hal and Lady Mary (BBC)

SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen Being Human ‘Pie and Prejudice’

This week Phil Davis took a break as the devil was left to one side, along with scheming RPG fanboy vampires and all of that apocalyptic, end of the world business. Instead, there was a new werewolf in town to cause all sorts of mischief and mayhem between the trinity.

Pie and Prejudice served as a further exploration of Tom and Hal’s characters. Just when you think the writers have taken these characters as far as they can, they are elevated to a whole new level. Both Damian Molony and Michael Socha gave admirable and emotional performances.

Although Tom has been quite naïve and easily manipulated in the past, he has grown and it was surprising to learn that he did see through Larry but hoped to become successful despite his monthly transformation. The episode was reminiscent of one from the first series which featured Tully, the werewolf who infected George. Pie and Prejudice also harked back to the notion of trying to be human and integrate with society.

There was a lot of sympathy for Tom who always seems to get preyed upon by these untoward types who use him. The moment when Hal tried to convince Tom to come back to the house pulled at the heartstrings and was a return to the original premise of the show. Alex is right when she says that Tom is the most human out of the three of them and that he has a shot at being leading the most normal life. Perhaps there will be some light at the end of the tunnel for this werewolf, I’m hoping that Allison will make a return to be with him.

This week there were two cracking guest stars in the form of Julian Barrett from The Mighty Boosh as Larry, the obnoxious weatherman-turned-werewolf, and Amanda Hale as Lady Mary, who is a thoroughly modern aristocrat despite the fact that she is garbed in something that resembles a cake decoration.

Barrett looked a bit wrong without the facial hair but that did not detract from his great performance as Larry. He was sleazy and narcissistic in equal measure. When did end up getting garrotted with the cord of a lamp, there was a feeling that he deserved it. Perhaps it was just me but Larry’s death face was quite amusing, with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Possibly this was done to get a few laughs and break the heavy, depressing cloud that seemed to descend upon the episode towards the end.

Hale was hilarious as Lady Mary. The actress is known for her period drama roles and it seemed that she was just going to get hemmed into another corset role but this was not the case. Although she did let loose to an extent, Hale seemed far more comfortable and convincing when she was pretending to be the straitlaced Lady Mary than when she was showing Alex her wild side.

Meanwhile in the life of Dominic Rook, things were as bizarre as ever, with the beleaguered civil servant attempting to find solace and counsel from a sex chat line girl. He ended up with a gun to his head, moments away from death when Hal called him. Although these little vignettes were amusing to watch and wonderfully shot, they did feel rather out of place and shoehorned in. Yet now that Rook has been called upon, the pace of the main story can start to pick up again.

Pie and Prejudice proved to be a brilliant episode filled with character development even if the main story arc was left to one side. On a sadder note, last week it was announced that this will be final series of the show. Despite the major cast changes Being Human has managed to fight on and remains enjoyable. These characters are just as appealing as their predecessors and it is a great shame that this is it for the show. Compared to Misfits, Being Human has managed to redefine itself following a major cast change, it is fresh and funny and dramatic but unfortunately it was not enough. So, enjoy and savour the next several weeks.

Next week on Being Human… Crumb is back in the picture with the plans for world domination.

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  • Darrell Sala

    Last series? Has the Beeb gone wonky again? This has become one of the freshest shows in the entire lineup–one I look forward to every week. This is certainly a decision that needs to be re-considered.

  • Gaf the Horse

    Ditto, but the Beeb won’t reconsider. BBC Three has a habit of starting something really good then dumping it (The Fades for example). I guess that as BBC Three is aimed at “yoof” the controllers consider that their target audience have very little staying power, so they need to refresh everything on a regular basis, (although since this is the channel that shows Family Guy in hard rotation 52 weeks a year maybe I’m wrong).

  • Medusa Jordan

    I agree that BH has survived the cast change unlike Misfits did, and I am sorry to see it go. There are still enough fresh ideas, and these characters can be developed and explored much further. It’s a shame, esp as I can no longer enjoy Dr Who.

  • rosebery

    ‘Between’ is for two, ‘among’ is for a trinity.

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