BT is the one to watch post 4G

Dr Peter Gradwell
4g2 300x225 BT is the one to watch post 4G


The outcome of the 4G auction is a really good one. From an SME perspective I am most interested in what BT will do with its spectrum and the extent to which its actions will stimulate growth and enable businesses to run more effectively.

As I have previously noted BT has a strong existing network in place so this win should allow for much better integration between the UK fixed and mobile networks. If BT uses this capability to create innovative business services in the wholesale market that can be used by SME’s to deliver combined mobile and internet based services, I have no doubt that this will be the most positive result that is felt by SMEs. It should open a lot of doors for innovative companies and provide a boost to industry.

BT’s stake in the spectrum should also mean faster 4G connectivity in rural areas. Again, the potential here is vast as it could remove a big barrier to entry for many entrepreneurs and individuals who operate out of their homes or from other rural locations. Greater connectivity will make start-up costs much lower for many businesses as they can be established on a cloud based model – often a much cheaper way of operating.

I am also pleased all the main players have retained spectrum including 3UK as industry competitiveness and the pressure to innovate will remain strong as a result. It’s a result for the UK consumer and SME’s, fingers crossed that BT does it right.

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  • Robert Mark Smith

    B.T are too expensive at the best of times, they will be too expensive with 4G, I’ll go with Three mobile network for my 4G. Not impressed with BT, EE, O2,Vodafone or Orange.

  • northwest0161

    What’s an SME?

  • MarkMacP

    Small and medium enterprises, I think. I was puzzled too.

  • LightShaft

    Its Kryton in red dwarf unable to swear e can only get out sme,sme…

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