Review of Being Human ‘No Care, All Responsibility’

Neela Debnath

rook 300x224 Review of Being Human ‘No Care, All Responsibility’


SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen Being Human ‘No Care, All Responsibility’

This week was the penultimate episode of Being Human and things started to pick up. One of the best things was the twist involving Rook’s adopted daughter Natasha (Kathryn Prescott), it was a great little surprise to discover that she was forming a wedge between Tom and Hal under the orders of her surrogate father.

Her character emphasised again how easy it is to manipulate and cause a rift amongst these characters. It was also quite depressing to see how easily the trust was broken by an outsider walking in. They have been through so much together but it is still not enough and probably nothing ever be.

The week had quite an exciting and creepy opening scene reminiscent of The X-Files - suits, torches and bodies. When Rook stumbed across Natasha in the middle of a horde of vampires, it really did feel like a case for Mulder and Scully. On a side note, for me the most surprising thing was the fact that Rook looked exactly the same, he did not look any younger. Given that his job is so stressful, you would expect a few less worry lines. Perhaps he has already made a pact with the devil à la Dorian Gray and there’s a picture in an attic somewhere looking haggard.

But I digress, getting back to No Care, All Responsibility it was interesting to watch the interplay between Rook and Natasha. Their relationship spoke volumes about his character, he is truly alone and ruthless in the line of duty. Rook is even willing to put the closest thing he has to family in danger. It made him come across as quite despicable and from the viewer’s perspective, you see him for the first time for what he really is. Before there was pity for this neurotic and somewhat forlorn creature but now he just comes across as heartless. He is single-minded in his determination to protect the one thing truly dear to him: his career. He really has nothing else.

Added to this, he appeared rather naive. In his desperation to save his department he unwittingly and unknowingly formed an alliance with the devil. Surely, if he is so engrossed in the world of the supernatural he should at least have a vague sense that something is amiss? It seems odd that he doesn’t even have a small inkling that something terrible has been happening at this hotel, where people have consistently been committing suicide. It just doesn’t seem to add up and fit with his character, perhaps the scales will fall from his eyes next week.

This episode was surprisingly funny given all the doom and gloom that seemed to pervade it. Kate Bracken showed her comic prowess with her ghostly antics and it was actually quite amusing to see her trapped in her coffin next to her rotting corpse. Perhaps that’s just my sick sense of humour. It will be great to see how she escapes from her own grave.

There was also a real sense of honesty to the episode. The end is nigh and as such there is no time to pussyfoot around the issues, therefore I was really glad to see that Alex and Hal tackled their feelings for each other head on. Their brief kiss was a small payoff for fans of ‘Halex’ but this is Being Human and things don’t end well. Ever. Remember what happened to Mitchell – and Annie, George and Nina for that matter?

It was also great that Allison was not forgotten, then again how could Tom forget his first love? She wasn’t mentioned in passing, Alex and Tom had a lengthy conversation about her. She felt real and it was clear that she was an important person to Tom. Apart from McNair, he never really had anyone but her.

After last week’s disappointing episode, No Care, All Responsibility had more of an oomph to it. Everything is now in place for the last battle of the show, the ultimate showdown between good and evil. The tension has been ramped up and the finale set.

Next week on Being Human… After Hal’s return to the dark side, Tom is out for revenge and is ready to stake his blood sucking ex-friend. Just who will win? There’s all to play for next week in the last ever episode of Being Human.

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    Oh come on, It would be insanity not to make another couple of series!

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  • Felix Hemsted

    if they decided to give it a proper slot on bbc 1/2, than i’m sure that it could at least triple its ratings instantly, it’s almost that good

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