The top 50 Money-Saving Measures

Simon Read

SimonLight 225x300 The top 50 Money Saving MeasuresHow are you coping with the age of austerity? Are you going without, or cutting back by turning the lights off, or simply being a more savvy shopper?

Skipton building society asked people what money-saving measures they have introduced to cope with rising prices and falling wages. It published the results yesterday.

The top 50 money-saving measures are listed below but answers included sitting in the dark rather than putting the lights on; moulding old bits of soap together to create a new bar; and only flushing the toilet when absolutely necessary.

Frankly these are sensible things that we could all adopt to be a bit more financially frugal. It’s not about being tight, but being sensible.

An awful lot of money-saving measures also help cut waste and, ultimately, protect the environment. So by helping ourselves, we can help make a better world in the process!

Other measures highlighted in the survey included driving at a slower speed, refusing to phone anyone or park in town before 6pm, and re-using tin foil, cling film and wrapping paper.

The study also claims to have uncovered the ‘modern day rationing’ adopted by thrifty Brits in an attempt to save money. It showed that people would now prefer to borrow items from others – such as power tools, lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners – rather than replace ones which have gone wrong.

I’m not sure how many of us would be happy doing that, especially with the risk that we could break things and have to stump up for the cost anyway, or even lose the friendship of a neighbour.

Anyway, have a look down the list. If you haven’t adopted at least 10 of these, it could be time to have another think about how much money you’re wasting.


  1. Switch lights off as soon as leaving a room
  2. Shop around for the best products
  3. Re-using carrier bags
  4. Only boiling enough water for one cup of tea
  5. Taking part in focus groups and online surveys to make money
  6. Turning off the tap when brushing teeth
  7. Cutting out coupons, money off vouchers and discount website links
  8. Switch gadgets off when not using them
  9. Bulk buy toilet rolls, washing powder etc
  10. Only turn lights on when it’s really dark
  11. Opt for own-brand products over expensive options
  12. Wearing lots of layers instead of putting the heating on
  13. No buying something until its cheap or you can find a voucher for it
  14. Hanging clothes around the house instead of using the tumble dryer
  15. Going to the reduced aisle in supermarkets at specific times
  16. Driver at a slower speed to lower fuel consumption
  17. Saving coppers and using change machines to convert into cash
  18. Asking for presents you need rather than want
  19. Waiting until after 6pm to phone anyone from the landline
  20. Write a list for the food shop and don’t deviate
  21. Re-heeling shoes rather than buying new ones
  22. Using all the samples stuck in magazines
  23. Bake cakes, jam, bread etc
  24. Saving unwanted presents and giving them to other people
  25. Having left over dinner for packed lunches
  26. Re-using wrapping paper
  27. Buying an old car rather than new
  28. Making kids packed lunches instead of buying school dinners
  29. Patching up old clothes rather than buying new
  30. Cutting up Birthday and Christmas cards to make present tags
  31. Make a massive meal at the beginning of the week that you can split and freeze
  32. Cutting / dying hair at home rather than going to the hairdressers
  33. Only flush the toilet when absolutely necessary
  34. Use the library rather than buy books
  35. Park miles away from the shops rather than paying to park close by
  36. Grow your own vegetables
  37. Buy clothes and toys from charity shops
  38. Fold up tin foil and cling film to use again
  39. Give ‘cheap but nice’ presents like a photo in a frame
  40. Sharing bath water
  41. Using a hot water bottle instead of putting the heating on
  42. Sit next to one radiator instead of putting all radiators on
  43. Use tired clothes as pyjamas rather than having actual pyjamas
  44. Waiting until it is a cheaper time to park
  45. Cut the end of a toothpaste tube to get the last bit out
  46. Stick the end bits of soap together to make sure none is wasted
  47. Only go to the cinema on a Wednesday
  48. Only use one or two sheets of toilet paper to make it last longer
  49. Use old knickers as dusters
  50. Only go food shopping after a meal, as an empty stomach leads to temptation
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  • prodnose

    Make a cosy out of compressed sheep’s wool and two layers of reflective sheeting , all covered in bright fabric. Put it on kettle after boiling and the water will stay hot for hours.No need to measure out water; families would never bother anyway. This cosy can also be used as “hay box” for long cooking after bringing up to simmer. I’ve made a dozen for presents and they are all in use. If everyone used this we could switch off a powerstation.

  • prodnose

    My last comment ignored. Not silly enough for you?

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