Smuggling electability past the Tory mullahs

John Rentoul

argo duality 300x157 Smuggling electability past the Tory mullahsCatch-Up Service: Lovely line in Rachel Sylvester’s Times column yesterday (pay wall):

The manoeuvrings in the tea room have again exposed the shallowness of the cultural change brought about by the Tory leader. In Argo, the Oscar-winning blockbuster, the CIA uses the cover of a fake Hollywood movie to smuggle hostages out of Iran. It could be a metaphor for the Conservative Party. It is as if Mr Cameron has created the publicity stunts and camera crew of modernisation — but in reality has only manufactured a shell, designed to sneak electability past the Tory mullahs.

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  • MrMann97

    Oh dear…

  • creggancowboy

    The Independent (Truth Wall) How Blair got it wrong – 2 million Poles in overnight & no accountability!

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