Three reasons why you should not let a councillor near an iPhone

Andy McSmith

Some people do not need the ground to open up and swallow them, like the poor guy in Florida who was asleep when his bedroom vanished down a 60 foot hole: just link them to the net and they will dig their own holes. Here are three examples from the past seven days:

1) Peter Chapman, a Conservative councillor, was frustrated by the service at a coffee shop in Dorset, and took to Facebook to announce: “Terminally slow (and bad) service from the bone idle bitches at … … today, they all need a good beating.”

For now, he is resisting calls that he should resign from Weymouth and Portland borough council, saying that his Facebook page – which he has since deleted – was “private.”

2) Stv is reporting that David Berry, a councillor in East Lothian, has resigned from the SNP after the outcry he provoked when he reacted to a Twitter message from opponents of Scottish independence. They had tweeted about a new leaflet saying Scots were better off within the UK. “Do you have equivalent quotes from abused women saying why they don’t need a divorce or slaves happy on the plantation, Massah?” he wrote. He has admitted that likening the Scots to slaves and victims of domestic abuse was “excessive”.

3) Jimmy Carr, an SDLP member of Derry City council, has apologised for a comment he left on the Bogside Artist Facebook page, after Sinn Fein had blocked an SDLP motion to award the organisation a £200,000 grant, settling instead for £45,000. “What makes it all the more sickening is the shinner who put forward the proposal to block is a Scotch man! Subtitles needed!” he wrote. Insulting a man for having a Scottish accent does not compare with suggesting that women shop staff need beating, but it is still not clever

  • Terrence Henderson

    My local Councillor told me when piste out of his head in Bat Grotty not too far from where I live, “Yes we have iphones and I leave mine turned off in the drawer, as do not want that contacting me all day long about council highway repairs problems”.

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