Tech predictions for 2013 and has Apple fallen from the top of the technology tree?

Mike Mathieson

Apple 300x150 Tech predictions for 2013 and has Apple fallen from the top of the technology tree? I was last asked to work up a few technology predictions in 2009 and looking back I was bang on the money with the Apple iPad. Even down to the size and material finish. My prediction on the rise of mobile-enabled shopping or mass consumer geotagging wasn’t so accurate then, but maybe I was just ahead of my time.

So four years on, will 2013 finally be the year of the mobile?

Let’s start with on-the-move content creation. There are a bunch of ‘startup-apps’ jostling for pole position but for me Vyclone has stolen the march.

Vyclone allows you to create, sync and edit multiple viewpoints of moments and events through a process of real-time co-creation. Each smartphone captures a short burst of video that is uploaded to the Vyclone server and edited between camera angles before being sent back as a completed film. This creates an almost real time, multicamera, slice of content amongst friends without the need for an edit. As for the more established tech players, the rumour mill is spinning and the world is hoping 2013 will be the year that the hardware giants go head-to-head for a fourth time.


In the green corner is the Microsoft Xbox 720 which is rumoured to be packing huge processor power, whilst in the black corner, the Sony PS4 boasts super fast graphic cards. But what’s really exciting about this grudge match is that with current technology, we’re going to see something beyond an X360/PS3 with improved graphics – 2013 could see something that expands into your living room or even that you wear!


Perhaps one of the most exciting developments for 2013 is the rise of 3D printing. It’s been making a name for itself in the last few years and it’s simply awesome. The only problem at the moment is that it’s just too expensive. That’s about to change with prices dropping rapidly and the technology about to go mainstream, which could see garage inventors able to create future products at will as they unlock the potential to experiment, invent and go to market faster than at any time in our history! People are already discussing the ability to print car parts or even human parts as the technology develops.


Talking about mobile technology in 2013 wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t look at Ofcom’s auction of the UK’s 4G spectrum. The largest auction of its kind in the UK, the big players like Vodafone, 3 and O2 got in line to get up to speed with the only current 4G service being provided by EE. The new licensees will most likely launch services in May or June and this will create highly competitive pricing policies, turning the phone market into a fierce battleground for operators in 2013.

And finally, what’s going to happen to Apple? In my mind, perhaps the greatest omission of the iPhone 5 was the lack of Near Field Communication technology, but with mobile transactions becoming more established – and with NFC’s potential of replacing Bluetooth as the standard form of proximity communication – the iPhone 5S must embrace NFC or risk losing Apple’s position as genuine innovators.

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