It’s a curious fact that there has never been a Labour MP called Tim

Andy McSmith
tim yeo getty 300x225 Its a curious fact that there has never been a Labour MP called Tim

Conservative MP Tim Yeo (Getty Images)

A silly item on this morning’s Today programme, inspired by Will Self’s claim that if you have the misfortune to be called Tim your “life chances are constrained” reminds of a curious piece of political trivia. There have been at least Tory MPs called Tim, including Loughton and Yeo in the current Parliament; the Lib Dem President is Tim Farron; but never in the century long history of the Labour Party has there been a Labour MP called Tim. What that proves, I have no idea.

  • Tom Snood

    Toady specialises in silly items these days, it squeezes them in between blasts of pop music and endless endless reports of what’s going on in Africa. It used to be essential listening in the 80s, now it’s mainly crap

  • Rob Ashcroft

    Today program has gone the same way as Question Time – downhill! I can’t listen to it any more. I switched on this morning in the middle of the piece mentioned above, and switched it off after 30 seconds. Utter crap.

  • Ethics Gradient

    Yeah, you could end up just inventing the World Wide Web. I can see how constraining that is …

  • Charlie Wallace

    its proves that all Tims are bourgeois.

  • zandeman

    I had a dog called Tim. He was working class to his paws.

  • Graculus

    The chap who was the speaking clock in the days when telephone numbers included letters did ok.

  • TheOldStoic

    So there’s never been a Labour MP called Tim? So what. There’s never been a Tory MP called Ringo…

  • NathanRJessup2001

    There was a Tam though.

  • agneau

    Tim the enchanter in Monty Python’s Holy Grail COULD have been a Labour MP.

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