Farage, just another pol

John Rentoul

farage 300x165 Farage, just another polRupert Murdoch has long had a low opinion of David Cameron, although they had something of a rapprochement before the last election when Cameron dropped in on Murdoch’s yacht Rosehearty in the Mediterranean. So Murdoch’s dinner with Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, on Tuesday was a calculated insult to the Prime Minister.

That is intriguing.

But Farage’s eagerness to pay his respects at the court of the Sky king is nauseating. Here is an anti-politics politician who pretends to be different from the establishment lackeys of the establishment media, and yet, given the chance of a canapé at the Murdoch apartment in London, he is there faster than you can say “outsider”.

Farage has a surface plausibility. Everyone says he comes across on television as a normal person. But The Financial Times asks number 905 in my series of Questions To Which The Answer Is No (pictured) in a 3,800-word profile today. George Parker, the FT political editor, compares him to Alex Salmond, another separatist who presents himself as a plain speaker. Farage says he hopes he has some of Salmond’s ability to “speak a language that ordinary folk understand”.

Farage reminds me of the kind of person you might talk to in a pub, who seems to be making sense until the second pint, when you realise you have nothing in common with him at all.

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  • Junis

    Nigel Farage is no hero. If he spent a visit with Murdoch who pushed for the Iraq war, how can he be a good guy?

  • Albert Ross

    That’s the funniest (and stupidest) post I’ve ever seen on the web.

  • Shadowworld

    He can’t be and isn’t.

  • Shadowworld

    No, yours is more stupid.

  • Shadowworld

    All the ludicrous Farage will do is split the right vote fool!

  • Abbey Lane

    Nauseating, disgusting? A man has to eat and when invited to lunch with kings, why shouldn’t he? You would, Cameron did………Oh I see what you mean, a special rule for one and something entirely different for the other!

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