The Biking Blog: Everything’s back flip-tastic at the Freestyle Moto X

Luke Wilkins

bike 300x225 The Biking Blog: Everythings back flip tastic at the Freestyle Moto XEvery now and again something awesome happens that you just want to stand back and say ‘wow’! Freestyle Moto X is about as rock n roll as motorcycling gets.

Forget your stereotypical image of a biker, with long hair, leather tassels, and a beer belly… this is all about high octane stunts, breath-taking tricks and some of the most insane riding you have ever seen. These guys are the rock stars of biking, they travel the world to play shows to packed arenas, are normally found surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women, and they are bringing a whole new audience to motorbiking from the extreme sports arena. If that wasn’t enough, well they are rather cool, which is not normally a term you hear non riders say about bikers.

FMX has been around for a number of years now and was developed from the sport Moto X, and literally involves riders using a number of different ramps in an arena to try and pull of the most outrageous death defying stunts possible in a timed run.

Now there are a large number of FMX tricks around today, but the biggest of them all has always been the backflip. It was the “holy grail” of FMX, with most people thinking that it simply just could not be done. Yet in 2002, after some disputed previous attempts, Caleb Wyatt nailed the first ever successful one in competition.

So surely – pulling off the hardest stunt in the world would be enough for FMX riders? Oh no! Since then the backflip has become a standard stunt for the elite riders, with loads of different varieties appearing as each rider tries to add his own unique take on the trick.

Nowadays the backflip has become such a staple of FMX, it’s easy to get blasé about this incredible feat. In fact your probably saying, so what Wilkins? My mum can do a backflip on my Moto X bike in my garden, big whoop! Well okay, but I bet she couldn’t do 16 in one go! That’s what Nitro Circus did at the O2 the other day to celebrate the release of the film Nitro Circus 3D at the cinema, and not just one after the other, oh no….they did them all at the same time. Setting a new Guinness World Record in the process.

My old mate, the UK FMX star that is Chris Birch was involved as well… check this out and prepared to be amazed!

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