Video: Is the violence in Channel 4’s ‘Utopia’ too graphic?

Neela Debnath

Renowned for its graphic depiction of violence, the cast and crew of Channel 4’s recent thriller Utopia discuss the series in a new behind-the-scenes clip. Writer Dennis Kelly says: ‘Whenever you approach violence, you have to approach it like it’s violence. It should be shocking, it should be brutal, it should be horrific’.

While actor Neil Maskell who plays Arby says: ‘The violence in the programme reflects the violence that people are exposed to a wider scale globally, nationally, that’s explored in microcosm in the series’.

From the first episode which features a particularly grisly and eye-watering scene of torture, viewers have been subjected to some hard-hitting moments of violence in Utopia. It has not yet been confirmed whether the show will be coming back for a second series however, the programme has been slated to be one of the best things on television this year.

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  • kropotkin5

    I hope it comes back for another series-it dealt with the future spectre of an over-populated planet with much depleted resources and what might be done to deal with this frightening scenario-this is something we should explore as a matter of urgency and if it has to be done through the medium of drama it might get more of us thinking about where we are all headed for and how may we come to terms with it all.

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