Around 2,700 new prison places: easily enough to fit in Chris Huhne

Andy McSmith

It is recorded in Hansard, for December 2008, that a Home Office minister, answering a question from a Lib Dem MP, namely Chris Huhne, disclosed that 2,700 new prison places would be made available in the year to April 2013, but none in 2013-14. So they got them built just in time to make space for Mr Huhne.

  • creggancowboy

    What is the current number of political prisoners in UK jails Mr M?

  • Brigantian

    That depends on how you define a political prisoner and what you class as a prison.

  • Brigantian

    It is called digging your own grave. The question is, will he lie in it or climb out and come to haunt us?

  • JaitcH

    You would have thought, given just how many UK politicians end up in jail, they would have implemented a scheme to upgrade and modernise jail accommodation.

    Furthermore, the very same people should be coming to realise the futility of spending all that money locking up non-violent offenders..

  • VicTheBrit

    2700 new billets – a great way to spend £135million. Let’s start banging up all those people who litter with cigarettes butts, loiter with no money in shopping centres and those people unfortunate enough to have an empty box room in their public housing… Help Serco earn their bonuses.

  • WDC2301

    How they give him a cell with a view of Wind the Turbines at HMP Dartmoor.

  • MrMcHenry

    We will be needing space for other profiteers from the green scam: Cameron, Clegg, Milibrand….

  • creggancowboy

    Political prisoner = Maya Evans reading out list of war dead etc Prison? Well HMP is usually a good place to begin. See what I did there?

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