Dish of the Day: Beers from the Siren Craft Brew

Will Coldwell

siren craft 300x225 Dish of the Day: Beers from the Siren Craft BrewLast night I spent the evening settled comfortably in the Craft Beer Co pub in Islington. Cosy and snug, with a warm red carpet and an impressive selection of beers, on both keg and cask, it was the ideal place to shelter from the dreaded spring snow. But the real reason I was there was that the pub has just launched a new range of beers from Siren Craft Brew, a brand new brewery based in Finchhampstead, Berkshire. They have four core beers that they’ve opened with. I managed to get through three, which was quite enough for a Monday night.

First up was Liquid Mistress, which may sound a bit like a legal high, but is in fact a bright red ale. The bitter burnt raisin taste quickly gives way to blackberry and summer fruits and it leaves the tongue with an almost minty lift. I took it from the keg, which really gave the fruity flavours an extra punch.

Moving on from the Mistress, the next Siren ale I wanted to try was their IPA; Soundwave. It had the grapefruit flavours you’d expect and some softer fruit flavours, with a slight bitterness. I’m a massive fan of pale ales, but this lacked the sharp and super hoppy tastes I personally enjoy. It was a nice beer, but not remarkable.

That, however, can’t be said for the final beer I tried. Broken Dream, a delicious breakfast stout. This is made in collaboration with Cornish company Origin Coffee, using Negelle Gorbitu beans, a light and smooth variety from Ethiopia. The consideration that has gone into selecting the coffee to blend with the beer has really paid off. The strong smoky coffee flavour gives way to a sweet, almost raspberry twist. It was like drinking coffee liquor, but without any overbearing sickliness. If you want to spend some time mulling over the taste of your beer; this stout certainly gives you something to think about.

Of course, there is still the fourth beer from Siren that is yet to be tried, a pale ale named Undercurrent. If anyone has had the pleasure of sampling it, or indeed any of the others, I’d be very interested to hear what you think.

Next week: Tank pubs in London? It must be Meantime…

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