David Lammy gets steamed up about black smoke

Andy McSmith

David Lammy, the once high-rising Labour MP, dropped a resounding clanger on Twitter when he saw that a BBC journalist had tweeted from Rome: “Will smoke be black or white?” Showing a gap in his knowledge of European history, he responded angrily: “This tweet from the BBC is crass and unnecessary. Do we really need silly innuendo about the race of the next Pope?”

Lammy, who has apologised, after having the significance of the colour of the smoke explained to him, can draw one grain of comfort from his embarrassment: he has vastly increased his Twitter following. However, quite a few of his new followers will be watching to see if he does any more daft posts.

  • DonBoldini

    People who use those terms haven’t the ability to differentiate between those with darker skin than themselves. They also seem to enjoy using those terms at every opportunity.

  • stonecold90

    “decent kids” vs. “thugs louts and bandwagon jumping copycats”. Yep its as simple as that.

  • ambrose lane

    Yep it is that simple. It’s only complex if you go along the path of ‘relative’ this or ‘relative’ that, the usual leftwing cant. The vast majority of those kids in Tottenham didn’t riot, were and are law abiding. A small number did. Their socio economic backgrounds were pretty much identical. It’s leftwing thought that makes excuses for criminality and that’s patronising to the very people they pretend to understand.

  • Jack Levitt

    Good to know that we in the US aren’t the only folks in the world with ignorant leftists in high positions.

  • stonecold90

    ahhh yes, the “they didn’t do it, so why did you?” divide and conquer tactics.
    If the majority don’t then that must be the correct answer. Like when most people didn’t protest against the Iraq war it meant they were in full support of it.
    Yeah don’t bother with soci-economic factors, they’re just flimsy excuses for evidence that disagree with you.

  • furbian

    You obviously have no idea unless you happen to be a ‘they’, I am a ‘they’ or ‘type’ as you so eloquently put it. People who make use of such language have asked me be as a ‘ba!ck bas*ard’ to show them my passport and then others elsewhere have asked me as ‘pak!’ to go back home. Most of the Arabs I know are also called ‘pak1es’ quite often, as are many an Indian Sikh and Hindu too. Oh they don’t like it either.

    It’s clear to see why my ‘types’ don’t frequent paper such as these, doesn’t look like we’re welcome, Google News aggregator landed me here.

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