Before Ahmed, it was Warsi who got caught out talking Urdu

Andy McSmith
warsi 300x225 Before Ahmed, it was Warsi who got caught out talking Urdu

Lord Ahmed (left) and Baroness Warsi (Getty Images)

Lord Ahmed is not the only British politician to have made the mistake of assuming that what is said in Urdu will not get picked up by the English language media. Baroness Warsi, the Foreign Office minister and former Conservative Party chairman, was speaking at a dinner in Rotherham in honour of a visiting Pakistani politician just before the last general election, and took issue with a previous speaker who had said there should be more Muslims in Parliament. She replied, in Urdu: “One of the lessons we have learnt in the last five years in politics is that not all Muslims who go into politics are principled. Not all Muslims that are involved with politics are Lord Ahmed. Not all of them put their community first, and career second…”

The Lord Ahmed she was upholding as an example of a politician who put community before self is the same former Labour peer who was imprisoned for dangerous driving after an accident in which a young man was killed and who has apparently attributed that misfortune to a Jewish conspiracy.

  • Pacificweather

    One might think from your post that the English were in a minority in this country. The absolutely the last thing the English want is to be responsible for anything to do with self government. They even voted by two to one to continue having their MPs elected by a minority of constituents. They are crazy but you have to love them bless ‘em.

  • bubbles1

    Nothingness, her post was created as part of the ethnic mix….for ‘diversity’ !

  • Pacificweather

    Perhaps that is why the baroness continues to orbit him.

  • bubbles1

    That’s what I said, but it was deleted. ;-)

  • Antitory

    “So long as they don’t use their religion to dictate to others how they should run their life”

    What does that babble mean, if anything? No-one has an “objective” opinion. “Objective opinion” is a contradiction in terms Some people may be influenced by their religion, as you are evidently influenced by your atheism. I don’t see that you are any different in that respect to anyone else. Cut out the smug sense of superiority. Anyone who talks about “banning” people, as you have, is dangerous.

  • Antitory

    “Islam is NOT a religion”

    Share with us your views on what a religion is, and why Islam is not a religion. Please try not to cut and paste.

  • JN Branin

    Is the fact that they are loyal to the muslim terrorists supposed to surprise anyone? Here in the States we have millions of Mexican “immigrants” (legal and illegal) that hate the USA except for the welfare and other bennies they suck-up

  • SummerHerald

    We are a minority in our supposed capital.

  • Pacificweather

    According to the 2011 census there were 8,173,941 people living in London of whom 4,997,072 described themselves as English.  So the English are still in the majority in the capital city.

    In the 1901 census there were more Scots living in London than lived in Edinburgh. Now they are way down the list. The next largest group now come from the Middle East and Asia.

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