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5ca79d8989c5afeb81662d4742bd77e0fa596880 300x199 Where the Irish live in LondonWith St Patrick’s Day coming up, we asked David Butler at the Rentonomy blog which specialises in analysing rental property in London to have a look at where Irish-born Londoners live in the capital. The census returns for 2001 and 2011 show that numbers have dropped from 157,556 to 129,807.

In terms of the top areas by Irish-born population, Cricklewood (2,690) comes top, followed by Willesden Green (2644), West Hampstead (2220), Islington (2015) and Kenton (1760).

As a proportion of total population, Cricklewood again tops the list (4%), then Hanwell (3.7%), Upper Holloway (3.6%), West Hampstead (3.5%) and Shepherd’s Bush (3.1%) at number 5, joint with West Ealing.

“The Irish have a long-standing connection with Cricklewood,” says David. “After the second world war, Irish immigration increased sharply because of unemployment in Ireland and a labour shortage in England. Kilburn had been the previous Irish hub, but overcrowding pushed the population out to Cricklewood. The men often worked in construction, rebuilding properties damaged in the Blitz and redeveloping inner-city slums. A virtual labour exchange operated outside the Crown pub in the early morning, with rows of lorries waiting to transport hundreds of labourers as far afield as Oxford. The women tended to take jobs as nurses, domestic staff, bus conductresses or worked in light industry.”

Also interesting is a list of the areas where the Irish-born population has increased most between 2001 and 2011. Heading the list is Greenwich (48%), then Sheen (39%), Canning Town (38%), Clapham (33%) and Gidea Park (33%). The top decrease has been East Molesey, down by nearly 89%.

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    Massive Irish population south of the river many of whom left to return to Ireland or further afield on realising that England was finished.

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